Friday, April 8, 2011

Major update to the website posted today

I spent a good part of the day updating the website at This is the most significant update since I first created the website. There are double the number of pages and dozens of new photos. As you check it out you will notice the look and feel is totally different, but as you drill down into the site you will notice even more profound changes. You can now take a "tour" of the historyof the ship. As you are guided from page to page you will see made explanatory images, as well as links that will open new pages to explore things more in depth if you choose to do so.

Other goodies you will find include a page of common myths about the Success. This was fun to do, as it gave me a chance to finally lay rest so some of the goofy information that is out there about this ship.

I am proud of this update. Please take a moment to give it a look see. I will be posting again here soon as well, so stay tuned. In the meantime, here's a pic to hold you over. Actually, it's a clipping talking about a couple had who been married on the Success. Okay, this is a not-so-subtle lead in to my upcoming blog about marriages aboard the Success. Admit it, wouldn't you like be married aboard an old former floating prison?