Friday, July 1, 2011

The Success: A "Bucket List" Dive

Ellsworth Boyd, who blogs for Sport Diver, has posted on their Wreck Chat Forum that the the prison ship Success will be added to his "bucket list" of must-do dives. His post features a nice (and, thankfully, accurate) history of the ship and its current condition in the lake.
Scuba divers who wreck dive in Lake Erie will tell you that the Success is Lake Erie's most famous shipwreck, though admittedly not the best wreck dive. While easily accessible, the visibility there is poor due to the muddy bottom, making for a spooky experience. Nonetheless, its a dive worth making, if only because of the rich history of the ship.
I recall that some years back, Ellsworth wrote an article on the ship for Skin Diver Magazine.
Clicking on the title above will take you to his blog post.
This is a good time for a last-minute reminder about my talk at the Port Clinton Museum this Saturday at 2pm. For full details, see my last post.

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